🔀Exploring Mission Runner

1. When you access the Mission Runner, you have two options for exploring missions:

  • Explore new missions from the top of the page.

  • Browse missions by project from the categorized project list below.

The project list contains the following task categories with corresponding tags:

  • Complete: Indicates that you have completed the task.

  • Twitter: Tasks related to Twitter, such as binding your Twitter account, like, retweet, and quoting tweets.

  • Discord: Tasks related to Discord, including connecting your Discord account and verifying roles.

  • Check-in: Simple tasks that only require you to click on a certain link.

  • NFT Holder: Tasks that require you to verify that you are a holder of an NFT collection.

  • ES: Tasks related to Electric Sheep, such as verifying your ES ownership and awakening level.

  • Verify Code: Tasks that require you to enter a code obtained from AMA, Townhall, or live shows.

  • Daily: Tasks that can be completed on a daily basis.

  • Mission Ended: Tasks for which the deadline has passed.

2. Please select the Game Wallet or Asset Wallet to receive the reward from the mission on the top right corner of the page. As a suggestion, if the reward is an in-game asset that can be used in the games of the Ultiverse ecosystem, it is recommended to choose the Game Wallet for convenience and to be able to use the asset directly in the game. If the reward is intended to be traded in the open market, it is recommended to choose the Asset Wallet.

3. On the top right of the page, you can:

  • Click your profile picture to view your profile, which displays your EXP points and SOUL balance.

  • Click "Profile" to switch back to your Ultiverse account.

  • Click "Reward" to view details of your earned rewards.

  • Click "Logout" to log out of your Mission Runner account.

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