Background Story

As the seven thousand Genesis Builder settled into their new lives in new universes which is called Terminus. Ultiverse has built up the Ulitverse Mission Runner. The Genesis Builders quickly realized the importance of the Ultiverse Mission Runner. The platform provided them with tasks and missions that not only helped them earn valuable rewards, but also helped them get familiar new universes and develop their new home. The missions ranged from simple errands to complex tasks which give Genesis Buiders the opportunity to arrange their daily exploration.

For many of the new arrivals, the Mission Runner became a central part of their daily routine. They would log on every day to see what new missions were available, and work together with their neighbors to complete them. Some of the more skilled and ambitious residents even formed their own teams to tackle the most challenging missions and earn the largest rewards.

"Sisyphus, who had always been a lone wolf, found himself drawn to the Mission Runner as well. He realized that by completing missions, he could earn the resources he needed to continue his revolution against the Ultiverse Corporation. He tackled the missions and always keeping an eye out for any opportunities to gather information or sabotage the Corporation's plans."

Meanwhile, the Ultiverse Corporation was expanding its reach, sending more and more advanced teams to explore new universes. The Company's advanced team was equipped with Moonlights, who helped them complete various tasks and gather information. In addition, the platform provided the Airdrop boxes into the Mission Runner Platform for people to claim after they completed the specified Moonlight related mission.

The Ultiverse team also had a new development in store for the Mission Runner. They announced their plans to open up the platform to its alliance, which includes Ultiverse community the mass of partners, allowing them to create their own missions with specific goals and objectives. This new development was met with excitement from the residents of Terminus, who were eager to tackle even more diverse and challenging missions.

As the year came to an end, the leaderboard was updated, and the top performers were announced. Sisyphus, who had been working on his own, was surprised to find himself near the top of the leaderboard, having completed a significant number of missions. He was looking forward to awarded a substantial bonus from the Ultiverse Treasury which can enhance his power to fight against to Ultiveser Cooperation, but he knew that his work was far from over. He was determined to continue his fight against the Ultiverse Corporation and bring freedom to humanhoid. To be continued...

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